Let us reward “The Hindu” for its efforts


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The Hindu – Daily News publication group from Chennai, India deserves our recognition for its relentless efforts to propogate lies in the Indian media during the past 10 years (1999 to 2009). Please participate in this act of recognition by sending this “Liar of the Decade” award certificate to The Hindu group of publications.


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  2. Enter your words of appreciation and name (Optional)
  3. Post by regular mail to – The Editor, The Hindu, 859-860 Anna Salai, Chennai – 600002, India or email to thehindu@vsnl.com
  4. Leave a comment with your Name and City at the end of this page

….i just read the justification by the readers editor. i think the hindu is in a become a sorry state of affairs.

….More and more Hsinhua despatches started finding their way into the columns of this paper. The readers were told what a wonderful country China was, what a wonderful people the Chinese were, how there is nothing for India to fear from the Chinese.”

….A Call to all patriotic Indians….This paper is destroying the Hinduism in its own native land and openly support Communism and China. Let all Hindus and Muslims unite together and drive out this anti-hindu and anti-india paper from India

….A Chinese interlocutor recently mentioned to me the names of two persons from this paper—-one in its headquarters in Chennai and the other in its office in Beijing– and remarked that if only all journalists were like these two, journalism must be the most beautiful profession in the world.

….Indeed, the Hindu’s lies on Manmohan Singh’s recent trip to China have been hilarious. Even a dyed-in-the-wool Congress pamphlet like Outlook, has been lukewarm to the results achieved through this trip.

…Ram should be in politics and not journalism, that too heading a tradition-bound paper sacrosanct for its values and ethics. Sad day for journalism in India.

….why do you take ram so seriously. he is after all an owner-editor.

….According to that, The Hindu sources all its news about Tibet from Xinhua alone and has been avoiding to print any negative news report about People’s Republic of China.

….its only because of its brand value that the paper is called as ‘Hindu’, if u go thru the paper its more like a commie propoganda paper

….Ram is notoriously hypocratic. Recently he denied to publish an article by Seventhi Ninan because it was about one of his relatives’ organisation.

….i stopped reading The Hindu newspaper because of its blatant one-sided leaftist articles/propaganda.

….I did not see even one reporter who was not in awe or in fear of this authoritarion figure. I was instructed to not raise my voice, not to argue and to be respectful at all times..The entire experience at the Hindu Sportstar offices was in itself, an irony to my un-seasoned, un-journalistic mind. I could not understand how freedom of thought and speech could be expressed within such confines

….“the hindu” news paper is pseudo secular news paper its policies are anti hindu..it always spreads bad about hindu and indian culture.

….You can ignore people who are writing yellow journalism, But N. Ram is wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is a total destroyer of the great newspaper ‘The Hindu’ by enforcing his own fancies.

….If you scan the editorials of People’s Democracy and The Hindu, not only the tone and tenor but even the content is strikingly similar

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